The answer is yes. 

Well, does he want to eat all the food in Chinatown? Cause then he can be in my team. 

Same thing with you

I wasn’t actually saying words. I was just saying things

Basically yes

Weren’t those two people Mark McGrath ? 


​”Grab Them by the Wormhole (When You’re the Emissary They Let You)” is the team name that made it worth being here tonight for Star Trek Trivia. 

Cool threat guy

I want to take a bunch of CO2 and put it in your room. 

Gorgeous, gorgeous Jafar 

I like the look of a Jafar, but not the demeanor of a Jafar. I mean, he was gorgeous, but…psyche of a Hitler. 

Stoner challenge

It’s more of a challenge for you. “Let’s see how stoned I can get and still do this.”

Toddler or bobbler

​You’ve got a baby… Wait, hey, is he a toddler? 

He’s a bobbler. 

Best mural ever 

This is what I do. I get high at night and make science fiction star charts.  

ATM machine 

The Vikings Stadium is a huge ATM machine. Wait. That’s redundant. A huge AT machine. 

What are they then Ma 

Treats are not a guarantee and treats are not something that are promised to you. 

Passive-aggressive parenting 101 omg

Why would you put your finger in your ear? That finger has cheeseburger on it. You wouldn’t put a cheeseburger in your ear, would you? Cheeseburgers are for going into your mouth. Don’t put a cheeseburger finger in your ear. Meal time isn’t for fun, it’s for putting food in your mouth so it can go into your stomach. Not for putting cheeseburger fingers in your ears.

Thanks for the warning 

Hey. I am going to murder you. In the face. Your face will be completely murdered. What a fitting thing to happen to you. 


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